30 years of the Mac

Damn near as old as I am.  My family bought an Apple IIGS when I was a kid and I have very fond memories of using that computer to play games and write papers for school.  Many of my friends had the Macintosh; and while that computer was clearly a step below insofar as it had a smaller, black and white screen, it was undoubtedly a more clever design.  Smaller, more user friendly, integrated, etc.

At some point, not long after we had purchased the computer (from some random brick and mortar computer retailer) there was a support issue that caused a falling out between my family and Apple.  Though the computer remained useful for many years, the next box we bought was a 166 MHz, beige IBM clone.  It wasn't until I walked into the campus computer store in Hyde Park circa 2002 and purchased the fourth generation iPod (my interest in that device spawned by my experience using OS X and the new Mac Pros in the computer lab on campus) that anyone in my family reunited with Apple.  What followed, of course, is the story of the resurgence of Apple: everyone in my family and nearly everyone I know is an iPhone, iPad and Mac user.

Nearly every photograph I've ever produced and certainly every photograph I've ever published on this website was done on a Mac.  If that changes going forward, it's because I'll be producing and editing them on its siblings: the iPhone and the iPad.