A send off

An empty place at the table

I thought I would post a few images I gathered after an uncle's funeral in remembrance. A member of the clergy, he was sent off as one of their own in the house most famously associated with Fr. Junipero Serra. A reception followed, colored by Mâcon-Villages and a bite to eat. Afterward, we wandered together-alone out into the wide coastal world, now rosy-orange with the patina of sea spray and sunset. My earlier photographs of the mission (some reproduced below) have themselves acquired new poignancy in light of recent events. The gate locked and the courtyard radiant but melancholy: what better send-off could the Pacific and Mission have for a beloved son than this?

An empty place at the table
The burial Chapel of Mission San Carlos Borroméo del río Carmelo
Daylight yields to the soft light within the mission
A swath of daylight and the Altar of the Carmel Mission
Altar in an alcove

A few moments later, I scrambled down the rocks (in suit and loafers) to shake hands with the tumult of 15-foot swells engulfing Carmel Point:

Point Carmel Tumult 2
Point Carmel Tumult 1