All's Quiet on the Bay

The difference between the bay and the coast

In my mind, the coast always conjures visions of heavy surf and a battering sea, whereas the bay always suggests a placid body, ripples lapping the shore. The bay reminds me of the Great Lakes and the ocean of a tempest. Of course, the first early morning I dedicate to photographing the Bay Bridge in San Francisco did little to dissuade me of this impression, giving me the first peak of a sunrise unobscured by fog since I begin my sojourns to the city.

The sun touches the last limb of America

This country is so broad that by the time I saw that first limb of our sun, folks from Maine to Florida are nearer to noon than sunrise. It is a privilege to be one of the last on the continent to welcome the morning.

I framed this photograph to use the old, decayed pylons on the bottom left to balance the first pillar of the Bay Bridge on the upper right and to frame the sun between the second span. A fast enough shutter speed let me capture a truck moving along the upper deck and some of the texture in the water to give you a flavor of the two dominant sounds that early in the morning: traffic thundering along the bridge between San Francisco and the mainland and the small waves of a calm morning sidling up against the sea wall.