California 92

Through the Coast Range

From where I live, the easiest way over the coastal mountains to the shore is California State Route 92 to Half Moon Bay; as I love to photograph the sea, I often find myself navigating the switchbacks of this road to and from some briny adventure. I have a friend who lives on the 92, it's the path to beauty and serenity along the coast, and it usually finds me winding along with a warm cup of coffee in hand.

Sunset over the 92

A chill wind and warm sun in Pescadero to our backs, the road home before us, we set a course for the 92 as the sun dove. As a massive fog bank built in the early evening, conditions were just right to catch a spectacular sunset sending thick sheets of amber light through the dewy air from behind the hills. I raced to find a turnout, set up and capture the light. Two fellow travelers (on the right - one headed to gold and the boundless Pacific and one headed East, toward the night) lend scale and a human touch.