Candid Tag - A Plug

A very good friend of the blog's has started a website that I think some of you photographers and budding photographers will enjoy. It's called Candid Tag ( and it capitalizes on a situation that I think a lot of us have run into when we are out taking photographs. The scenario goes a little something like this:
Them:"Hey, you look like you know what you're doing, would you mind taking our picture (in front of tourist attraction A)?"
You:"I'd be happy to!" Spend 2 minutes fumbling with whatever camera they place into your hands, all the while thinking, I have this amazing howitzer of a camera around my shoulder and I'm using this thing to take their photo?!?!

If you spend time out and about with a camera in places where folks who can't afford to have their very own personal photographer following along, consider registering (it's for free!) and giving this a shot - it's a great way for you to work on your portraiture skills, to find new clients and to have fun and make a few bucks doing what you love. Here are a few invite codes. Feel free to share with your friends and contact me directly with questions or if you need another invite! Happy shooting.

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