Chicago Photography Workshop - May 26

I've posted this information elsewhere, but I thought I'd drop it here and have a permalink I can send folks too. If you've read this before, read no further and head to the new photos for the day - if you haven't - please read on!

The workshop I am going to run is going to take place May 26th, Saturday at 8:00 AM. We are going to meet in the gorgeous confines of the University of Chicago. We will start in Hutchinson Commons, where we will run through a few exercises that aid in compositional focus.
From there we will put some of that theory into practice along the exteriors and interiors of Chicago for a few hours and then come back to Hutch and work on post processing. Afterward we will set up a google group and keep the lines of communication open - some of you who have worked with me in the past can attest to how useful it is to tap your fellow workshoppers and me in future. Further, we are going to have a photo contest with some fabulous prizes!
The price will be $150.
I've got a great core group lined up already and I can assure you it will be a wonderful opportunity to learn a lot about photography and make some wonderful connections with other talented photographers. If you're interested - drop me a line via email (contact link above) or post a comment below. I'd love to have you with us!