Collegiate Gothic

Returning to a favorite spot

Sunny and warm as February may have been here in California, I couldn't help but remember one a few years ago - one that was decidedly cold and snowy. I was about to leave Chicago for California, and I took some time to walk around a few of my favorite campus spots as they were newly wrapped in snow. The point was to accumulate a few images to serve as a visual roadmap for memory lane. In my mind the place is perpetually snowbound and solemn - I am happy to leave them that way.

I am headed back here this May - running a photography workshop on Saturday May 26th info here - and can't wait to make a few memories again, verdant though the campus may be. I'm in these photos somewhere, balancing a tripod on my shoulder and dragging my feet through the freshly drifted snow.

Collegiate Gothic

I had spotted a small balcony on the second floor of a hall on the south quad. It was a tiny eddy in a river of stone and snow. I picked my way along stair cases to find it and ended up making this image of the lonely scene from above.

Fresh snow on the balcony

Afterward I made for Harper Quad and points beyond ...

Harper memorial pathway

As a fresh storm moved in, and the last blues and violets of twilight faded, I was left at Hull Gate, bathed in dull fluorescence and decided to pack it in.

Hull Gate