The coolest pic of the space shuttle I've ever seen.

By now, some of you have undoubtedly seen this viral photograph by twitter user @Stefmara, but in case you haven't, I could resist sharing it. There's an old photography maxim about how to take a great photograph: "f/8 and be there." With today's modern cameras/phones/computers small enough to fit into the smallest of pockets - we have a whole new meaning on "be there." For all the photogs prepping all day and night on the ground, getting access etc - ouch! Yeah your photographs aren't through a dusty airplane window. Yeah they are noiseless and have beautiful color - but they are pretty much like the photographs of the guy next to you. Banal. Played. Click the thumbnails below to see the full resolution images - both photographs are by Stephanie Gordon, follow @Stefmara on twitter.

Here's another Photo of the shuttle from my plane.  on Twitpic
@LizStrand @MelissaCarter my plane Flew right past the shuttle!  on Twitpic