Diluting mind share

PetaPixel, failing in its filtering duties, shares this yesterday:

About six months ago, well-known photographer Scott Kelby switched from Nikon — which he had shot for many years — to Canon. The switch has caused a flurry of questions from the photo community, and so today, Kelby asked Canon Explorer of Light Rick Sammon to stay for a few minutes after they wrapped up an episode of The Grid to help him answer this question.

The interesting thing is, Kelby’s first digital SLR was the original Canon Rebel, but somewhere along the line he switched to Nikon and never looked back. Until six months ago, that is. That’s when he got a chance to set aside his D4 to try a 1DX for an NFL game he was shooting.

If you're a photographer, amateur or professional, there is only so much time you have each day to thinking about imaging.  That time is further limited when you have a demanding, full-time job.  That is why I've been particularly harsh in the past on the subject of distractions, particularly those related to the choices and opinions of professional photographers.  Why dilute the share of mind really interesting and important topics get by thinking for even one second about stuff like this?  

Table for a minute whether the discussion in the link was driven by sponsorship or not.  Arguably there are three people who should care: Mr. Kelby, his Canon sales rep and his Nikon sales rep.  That this story was shared via multiple photoblogs and social media channels is an absolute abdication of the responsibility good aggregators and pundits have to filter the wheat from the chaff.

As a counterpoint, here's something great to spend whatever time you can spare on photographic subjects.