Experience and exploration

In wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.

-Ansel Adams

What to expect.

I will not post photographs or text every day on The Golden Sieve, but only when I am most excited by a photograph or idea. Instead I want the site to contain a couple of posts a week with the best imagery I can produce. Shooting to post 365 photographs a year isn't difficult, but I have yet to see a photography blog that puts together 365 A+ images within the span of a year. Moreover, this defeats the purpose of why I like photography: because it puts me into interesting places. I use it to explore the world. Professional aspects of photography leave me so flat - all I want to do is feel the world through a lens. For my lens to see things, I must see things. Exploration and experience.

I thank all of you for coming by and visiting yesterday and for commenting and emailing me. My "Materials and Methods" page received a heart-felt correction re: dynamic range. Because the output of the sensor into the A/D convertor is read in voltages, the dynamic range of the sensor as an electronic device is ~84 dB - this is yet another reason why the concept of dynamic range is so difficult for us laypeople to fully understand. Here you have a device that samples photons, outputs voltage which is then converted to binary bits. Each has its own measurement for "dynamic range," or at least that is my (superficial) understanding at the moment. More to come.

You are likely to see more iPhone photographs over time as I distinguish most of these snapshots from "made" photographs (the subject of a future post).

Yosemite Valley, September 2010