Fog City

The breath of the Pacific

I linked up with a fellow photographer from Chicago to make a few images of the bridge. Check out some of Chance's work here.

Hot weather in the Bay Area this weekend meant a spectacular marine layer over the bridge. I had intended to make Marshall Beach but, as I rounded the Presidio on US-101, I saw a low and shallow layer hung over the western edge of the city and the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge.

As evening approached, the intensity of the sun waned and the fog began to recede. Sun set, we made for the very head of the headlands to catch twilight.

We passed a couple on their way down, bundled tightly against the breath of the Pacific and thrilled as we were to have happened upon an absolutely stunning sunset and the very archetype of a San Francisco marine layer.

When the glittering jewel of San Francisco put on her evening clothes and wrapped the fog about herself like a shawl, we were the only souls left to perch upon the stony head of the scrubland, hair tousled by the quickening exhalations of the sea, and watch night steal in from the East.

The Breath of the Pacific