Kitzbühel and Salzburg via the RX1

Three weeks in the Alps

Since the site re-design, I've opted to include far fewer embedded images and instead link to the whole set on Flickr. 

I had the unbelievably good fortune of spending three weeks in the Alps this past fall for work, getting to know many new colleagues (and, by the way, stand humbled by their accomplishments). Although there was very little spare time for things like photography, I found my way out once or twice in the early morning or late evening to make a few photographs. As I was traveling, I used the Sony RX1 almost exclusively and was pleased (as always) with the truly excellent image quality it produced in all situations (hoping to put out my "One year with the Sony RX1" review before the new year). Without waxing poetic, here are a few images I collected during the trip, enjoy!

Oh, and to answer the question on any travel photographer's mind: if you're not traveling to photograph you can leave your DSLR at home, just pack the RX1, and come back with no regrets.