Luxury on the South Rim

The El Tovar

It was about this time a year ago that I had the good fortune of spending a few days along the southern rim of Arizona's Grand Canyon. As another year has passed, I couldn't help myself but go through a few images and decided to post these.

El Tovar

We stayed elsewhere for the remainder of our time, but my wife's parents, in a highly generous display of largess, decided we should spend one night at the El Tovar. This is a hotel of an era (hopefully) gone by, when it was expected that railroad tracks and a hotel would be placed directly upon the edge of the canyon. This park is one of my father's very favorite places, and I remembered once that he decided to bring my brother and I to Arizona upon a chilly spring weekend. My brother was not as fond of the hiking as he was of the dining and I remember distinctly we had a luxurious dinner in the dining room of the El Tovar as snow gently fell upon the stony land without.

Last January, had spent most of my days documenting the winter light upon the canyon, and as we woke up early to leave, the memories of both trips still upon my mind like frost on pines overlooking the canyon, I decided to take one or two images of the lodge itself.

The El Tovar Lobby