A milestone.

Hey all, please forgive the recent lack of new posts, but things outside of blogging have been busier than ever recently and The Golden Sieve has, regrettably, fallen by the wayside. But take heart, I'm making a solid effort to do more to get more images and posts out there! This is my one-hundred and first posting on this blog - how time flies. In the interest of seeing a few hundred more posts on this blog, I'll do little else to mark its passing than publishing the following photograph.

Rodeo Beach, Moonset

A friend and I drove north over the Golden Gate to southern Marin to catch a photograph or two of the stacks at Rodeo Cove and moonset. In our rush to get the two in the same frame, we didn't pause to consider the following: moonset + ocean = high tide. Live and learn. We managed to scramble over some rather rough terrain to find ourselves a seat for the show nevertheless. You can see the last shaving of the setting moon behind the rocky limb of Marin. We surely shared our wonder with many a crew member upon the massive floating cargo carriers, watch-lights bobbing in the California current, pilgrims bearing candles eastward - waiting for pilot and passage through the buffeting seas and into safe harbor as a cold dawn steals in from the east. D700, 14mm f/2.8, 30s, ISO1600.

Rodeo, moonset.