Parting ways

The Windy Pixel ends.

For 18 months now I have been part of a daily photoblog with two great friends. That blog ended today and you may like to view the final post here. The Golden Sieve, my new blog, is all about memory and photography and life - and so this little post today is about remembering The Windy Pixel in a few words and in a few of my favorite tWp photographs.

I take photographs to seek first-person experience. A photoblog is a tool for me to publish my photographs and, perhaps, a fulcrum to pry my ass off the couch and push me out the door to take some photos. In that way, tWp and this blog are means to make sure I see and do great things. From day to day, I don't know if this is a success. Looking back however, I realize that in 18 months of posting one photograph every day, I saw an incredible number of beautiful, moving things. I managed to record a few of those things as digital photographs. I published a handful of those few.

If this isn't the very last frame I took travelling with Annie and Mike, it is the last good one. For you purists out there - this was given a tiny contrast bump and a crop in lightroom. No post-processing otherwise - straight out of camera.

The last frame

I can only guess what Annie and what Mike got out of tWp. If they are like me, then producing the blog was a continual, grinding crash course in why the average photograph sucks and how one can see the world for its beauty and then frame that in a meaningful way. I only flirt with success from time to time. Yet those fleeting moments and frames of beauty captured properly are what keep me coming back to my camera time and time again. The Windy Pixel made me a better photographer.

Storm over Prince of Wales

The Sieve.

I need to say to my wife, to Annie and Mike, to my parents, sister, brother, friends, to the countless (though often would-be-counted) fans, well-wishers, lurkers and visitors to tWp - thank you for everything. That blog was a great ride, and I can only hope that this one is half as fun!

I don't remember the stress, the push to become popular, the anxiety of meeting deadlines or publishing less-than-publishable photographs. This is The Sieve in action, clipping and framing and stretching memory to be a golden sheet of nostalgia, patched and stitched perfectly like some great panoramic image. I stand on high now and declare The Windy Pixel a success and memory's golden rays will only solidify that perspective as I grow older.

So a walk down memory lane is called for (in no particular order). These are the images of which I am most proud, the images I selfishly wish I could brand forever with my name and claim for my own. These are the images, however, which also make me realize that my camera and I are just media - the beauty is in your eye, your brain and its interaction with a static photograph of a moment properly captured.

Beauty in all places
A long sunset in the Emerald City
Pure Gotham.
Peak Moments
On the rocks
Twilight in the frozen forest
Box seats
All the world is frozen
The Mag Mile
Purple planetarium panorama
The Restricted Section
Golden Hour from The Friendly Confines
Defense against the Dark Arts
Light Years
Sunrise in the Hall of the Mountain King or Auld Lang Syne!
Spooky reflections on the quad
The incredible canopy of the Muir Woods
Shadows of Theology
Much Loved.
Another Hogwart's-esque Corridor
The City Gray that ne'er shall die.
The two towers