Photography workshops with me! Sat, June 25 and Sat, July 30

Live and learn.

Hey all, I'm in the planning stages for some photography workshops I am looking forward to leading. Come do a little living and learning Saturday, June 25th and/or Saturday July 30th with me on the beautiful San Francisco coast. The photography workshop will be part planned curriculum, part guided photowalk and all kinds of fun! I won't pretend to be the last word on any type of photography, but over the years I've spent a lot of time and effort teaching myself (and learning from many talented photogs) how to make successful images and now I want to try and share some of that with you. We will cover compositional approaches to successful landscape, seascape, and cityscape type of photography as well as all the nitty-gritty details of how to properly use these amazing DSLR gadgets to capture all the beautiful things we see (i.e. HDR, DRI, panoramic image, etc). Afterward, we will find ourselves a place to grab a cup of coffee and talk for a few hours about how to process all the data we collected and produce some amazing images.


The San Francisco Bay area in general and the city in particular are great photo-spots for locals and tourists alike and we will be visiting one of my favorite spots to catch sunset: the north end of Ocean Beach (with the Seal Rocks - see below) and part of the Land's End trail. Here's a map of one of the spots we'll visit - keep scrolling for a few photographs of mine I've collected from these gorgeous places. Here's an old-fashioned link to Google Maps if you don't like the embedded map thing. You'll notice that this spot is on the north-western edge of the city, a really cool area full of all kinds of wonderful places to take your camera. I know there are some of you coming from out of town, so use the map to find a place to stay nearby that is to your liking!

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The Seal Rocks themselves, as well as a few photographs taken from spots we will visit together:

Grim and terrible and utterly beautiful
Grim and terrible and utterly beautiful
The heavens above the Pacific
Land's End
Luna and Jove through Cypress windows

Cost and registration.

Price is $200 for workshop, $250 with post-processing portion. Bring a friend and you'll both get $50 off (you will also get $50 for each additional friend you bring, i.e. bring three friends and they each pay $200 for both workshop and post-processing session and you pay $100). The goal is to have fun and connect and learn together, so I will aim for a group big enough to have fun and small enough that we all get to work together directly.

Register by filling out the form below or by sending me an email with your name and which date would work for you! If you are signing up with a friend - just send me a note or put that information into the "Questions/comments" section in the form below. Hope to see you in June or July!

Photo destinations galore!

The city is absolutely full of incredible places for photographers to get their fill of great sites and sounds. If you're coming from out of town, here are a few spots within walking distance or a short drive from Ocean Beach:

The North Windmill and Queen Wilhelmina's Flower Garden
Chinatown Glow
Light Painting the Golden Gate
The beach not yet made