Headed to Yosemite

So, word has it the world ends starting tonight. For me personally, few if any religious claims deserve serious thought - this one least of all. I suppose the fact that so many people want the world to end and, of course, the highly ridiculous nature of this particular claim is what has caught the national attention. Foolish me - I made plans to enjoy some ridiculously beautiful nature for after the rapture. Well, if you know anyone making decisions about who gets "raptured," please tell them I'd rather be left behind in paradise, thanks! One of the hikes we are looking forward to is along these two waterfalls behind Half Dome. The snow pack is massive this year and these falls should be roaring, especially as compared to the trickle you can see here in this violet hour photograph.

Violet hour from Washburn Point

Here are a few images from a trip I made there last summer. Within 20 minutes of first arriving in the valley there was a thunderous rock slide atop one of the valley's walls. I grabbed my camera and snapped off a few frames of the sunlight streaking through the dust.

Yosemite Rockslide
Yosemite Rockslide

Hoping for a roaring Bridalveil Falls and some beautiful light - things get dry and cloudless in the summertime.

A cloudless tunnel view

The snow pack is so big that Glacier Point (an impressive view and a huge parking lot during the summertime) isn't yet open. Here's an image I made just before sunset from Glacier Point last July:

Glacier Point Sunset