The decline of analog

Two Questions

This is a really cool post on 1000 memories that provides a few staggering illustrations about the state of photography. As someone who has recently purchased two analog cameras, the analog photo curve on the bottom of the graph below is scary. There is still a market for 48 billion frames of silver halide emulsion, but that growth rate is negative and large. I expect it to taper off a bit - but the question is - if Kodak and Fuji still make professional film today (they do), how far can that number drop before they won't?

Here's another one; this one demonstrates how dominant Facebook is as a photosharing website (which makes their horrible interface for uploading all the more appalling). This graph also illustrates the enormous gulf possible between quality and quantity. It is not my intent to disparage all photographs uploaded to Facebook, but to point out that the huge surge in the number of photographs taken is not because of a massive increase in talent or energy spent on photography. So then, why is Facebook so popular for photographs?