The Golden Sieve, v 3.0

The New Design

Welcome back all! I was playing around a bit with some design elements on TGS recently when I decided that the whole thing was just too busy. There were a million things to click in the header and sidebars in addition to links that I wasn't maintaining and affiliate marketing that was hamstrung by new legislation in the Golden State, etc. I wanted to simplify things by creating a new semi-minimalist design that focuses attention on text and photographs.

In with the old.

Ages ago, the first information revolution occurred in the form of movable type. Printed books became affordable for a larger class of people and the wildfire of the enlightenment was kindled. Setting type was half science and half art. Crafting a perfect typeface meant painstaking effort - one had to carve the letters by hand and, further, had to consider exactly how the spacing of the next letter affected the reader's eye (in a process called Kerning - apparently my last name is not only a noun in some languages, but also a verb!). Old printing techniques are truly a marvel and, in the age of awesome digital typography (read: OpenType fonts, In-Design, LaTeX, etc) and terrible digital typography (think Microsoft Word), the web deserves a typographic revolution. Enter Google. I'm not the biggest fan of my hometown's largest company on all fronts (Android is a hot mess), but many of their free services are a god-send. Google Web Fonts is their latest and greatest innovation - allowing simple integration of a rapidly growing list of fonts with a few simple lines of CSS. For those interested in the awesome Open-Source typefaces this blog now uses - you can find links and information in the About Page:

The Golden Sieve is now in its third design iteration which was inspired by a growing interest in typography and the amazing work of Igino Marini in resurecting the Fell Type Font. These typefaces remind me of the joy of opening up an antique and well-loved book and rushing headlong into fragile, yellowed pages of adventure. Of course it was Igino Marini's webpage that lead me to Joel Goodman's work in generating the beautiful Modern Linguist Wordpress theme. Follow those links and you'll see just how indebted I am to each of those men.

Great, so it's new, where are the links?

You may have noticed I eliminated the sidebars and blogrolls and galleries, etc. You can still find all the galleries and extra pages I have by using the links in the menu at the very top of the page or clicking the image map to "prints, social, contact, about" underneath the banner. It's all still there. I need to clean up and reorganize my linkage and you'll see an updated post when that happens.

That's about it - look for a new image a little later this morning (post scheduled for around 10 AM PST) and I hope I thank you all for coming back to this blog after such a long period of "under construction," thanks!