Welcome to the new blog.

The theater empty - ready for you to come on in and grab a seat:


This is a special post for all of you who have subscribed to my feedburner RSS feed! In a way this is the first post on The Golden Sieve, although there will be another "Welcome" style post coming up when I make the full blog accessible to the masses.

What to expect in the new blog:

1) Bigger images - if you haven't noticed that image of the third floor theater in Ida Noyes Hall is 1024 pixels across and nearly 700 pixels tall - that means these images are almost 30% larger. I'm really happy to see these images so much larger and I hope you like the increased detail.

2) Better galleries - The Golden Sieve will be run on a WordPress theme that has many more bells and whistles - so those of you on a quest to run down those mouse buttons, I have you covered.

3) Membership - I have a member system set up here on the new blog. I'll be clear - 90% of this website will be free for the internet to consume. Every post's photograph and core text will be available to the masses and you don't have to pay anything. Membership, however, has its benefits and it will be affordable. People who want to explore a bit more deeply into some of the posts and who want to see every single last detail of how I make these images from camera to blog will have their chance.

4) Eye candy - I spent a lot of time putting together many of the design elements here, although they aren't fully finished yet and you may have seen some as previews on tWp - expect more loveliness to flow into your browser.

This is a bit of a teaser then and in future posts I will encourage you to hop out of your reader and view the blog in its native form at http://thegoldensieve.com.