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I get a lot of inspiration from stuff I find online: videos, photos, reviews, blog posts, etc. I want to start to do a better job sharing some of these things. I'll try to avoid sharing stuff that makes its way through the standard channels of other photography aggregators (amongst which PetaPixel and LightStalking are favorites). I'll also to try to stick to something of a theme but make no promises. In part, my hunting for these images and videos was inspired by my receiving about 20 emails from friends and family about this awesome timelapse, which has been all over the internet and then back again twice. Getting linked this again and again gave me a few ideas, not totally unrelated to my owntimelapseattempts. This video reminds me of how many places in Antarctica I'd like to see, like this subglacial hypersaline environment that produces something called the blood falls. I love the sound and subtle swelling of the first video. It reminds me of one January when I climbed out onto the ice-covered jetty at North Avenue Beach and was totally alone for nearly an hour as the lake lapped at the cement. The area around the jetty is pretty deep and doesn't freeze readily - instead turning into this slushy, rolling surface of ice-chunks.


Polar Tidepools from Amanda Keledjian on Vimeo.

This second video is short but just awesome - I've never seen a better example of starfish locomotion.

Tide Pool Sea Stars from Protar on Vimeo.

And here's some beautiful footage of Antarctica underwater. In fact, you should watch all of Darek Sepiolo'svideos.